National Public Works Week Tips

Tip #10: Introduce a non-member to NEAPWA at the

Public Works Week Luncheon

You know all the great benefits of being a member - education, networking, support.  Why not share with a friend, client, or coworker?  If you know someone in the public works industry not taking advantage of everything APWA has to offer, invite them to join you at the National Public Works Week Luncheon.  

 Two days left to register.  Register now!


Tip #9: Visit your neighbor

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Time is precious, and public works never has off days.  However, public works week can be a catalyst to set aside 3 hours to reconnect with your peers and neighbors.  make some time to visit a neighboring DPW and see how they do things.  How are those new plow blades working out, have you opted into the complete streets program, how are you dealing with the drought?

Rekindling relationships with your neighboring communities strengthens your own operation.  Learn from each other's successes and setbacks.  We all face the same problems with different perspectives.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tip #8: Head back to school

Public works week is a time to celebrate the great work we do; it's also a great time to educate the public on a variety of topics that public works is responsible for. 

Contact your local school district to setup classroom presentations at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Take this opportunity to promote stormwater best management practices...  Or  talk some trash and walk students through the lifecycle or recycling and reuse in your community.   Perhaps educate graduating seniors on what a career in public works has to offer - from engineering to customer billing systems and beyond.  


Tip #7: Get some "face time"

Public Works Week is a great opportunity to promote the services you offer to your community.  Setup an interview on Cable Access or with a local newspaper to advertise services that people may not realize your community offers.  Highlight recent projects, outline future projects in 2017, present a list of roadways to be paved, or hold a question and answer session in person or online. 

Host an information meeting at a local community center or even take the opportunity to promote your services to other departments within your own organization. 

Borrow the Public Works Makes It Happen (in the picture above) to make an even bigger statement! Contact Julie Piacentini to do so.


Tip #6: Reward your team

We celebrate public works week to recognize the hard work that our peers, coworkers, and employees put in day-in and day-out all year long in every season.  Take this week to recognize and reward your employees.   

Throw an internal employee appreciation event, host a lunchtime BBQ, create a public works tee shirt for your workforce, or stage a group photo.  Set aside some time to spruce up or improve your own work environment.  Update the pictures on the wall or paint the garage floor.  Spring cleaning can be an opportunity to refresh your workplace and reenergize your workforce.

Tip #5: Toot your own horn

Let your community and government officials know what public works does for them!

Whether it's patching potholes or cleaning up after a severe weather event, promote your projects on Twitter or Facebook. Even better, send a press release to your local paper or put a video on your local cable channels.

Make sure you're following the Chapter on social media and and let us know what your community is doing by using the hashtag #PublicWorksMakesitHappen.
Tip #4: Get an official proclamation

For National Public Works Week, many states, provinces, cities/towns and municipalities from across North America have come together to celebrate NPWW with official government proclamations and resolutions in honor of the contribution public works makes to their communities: in planning, building, managing and operating the heart of our local communities and in building the quality of life.



Tip #3: Host an Open House or Touch a Truck Event

An open house or tour offers participants a new perspective on public works and gives professionals an opportunity to discuss the daily operation at their facility. It also is a good time to gather community members opinions of public works projects and services. Plan the open house in conjunction with a dedication ceremony, an anniversary, or a celebration of a completed project. Select employees to serve as ambassadors or tour guides. Provide a forum for citizens to learn about various departments and their functions. Develop a survey to gather attendees' opinions about a public works project or service of importance to your organization.  

Display equipment your department uses in day-to-day operations. Give public works employees the opportunity to show the skill required to operate public works equipment. Select a location with high visibility such as a parking lot, city park, or public gathering place. Allow adequate time to research and reserve a location. Invite elected officials to participate in an activity during the event. Sponsor a regional contest and challenge other municipalities to a test of skills necessary to operate a backhoe, garbage pickup, forklift and lawn tractor. Emphasize safety; highlight the cost-effective measures and unique features of your equipment and vehicles. Have representatives from various departments show equipment and answer questions.

Tip #2: Start a Twitter or Facebook Account

What better time to finally start that social media account than public works week?  Leveraging social media to convey rapid and widely accessible information (for free) can elevate you public works department or private company in the eyes of your clients.  Twitter and Facebook are deeply ingrained in the fabric of today's society; the ability to effectively engage your constituents on these platforms provides clarity, transparency, and education to the people who are most affected by your day-to-day operations.    

Make sure you're following the Chapter on social media and and let us know what your community is doing by using the hashtag #PublicWorksMakesitHappen.

Feeling apprehensive about setting up your account?  Need a helping hand?  

Join us at the APWA annual Public Works week luncheon for a one hour educational session Social Media 101: how to leverage Facebook and Twitter in your community.  You'll learn how to set up an account, navigate the networks, and properly engage your constituents online.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Tip #1: Nominate a Chapter Award Winner

 Did you know that the Chapter nominates and selects winners each year for local awards?  

The New England Chapter Awards Program recognizes the contributions of both past and current members

who have and will continue to contribute to the advancement of the Chapter's mission.

All award nominations are due by May 5, 2017. 

If you know someone deserving some recognition, nominate them! 

 Click here for the awards categories, criteria, and nomination form.


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