Public Works Awareness Committee

Chairs:  Julie Piacentini & Rich Benevento

Public Works Awareness Committee  

Communicate, educate, and inform the public regarding issues and matters related to the Public Works field to enhance understanding of what Public Works does and why it makes a positive difference.  Meets monthly

Objective:   Increase public understanding about the importance of Public Works in maintaining and improving the quality of community life for residents and businesses by providing information, frameworks, and tools all Public Works professionals can use to educate the public about the value of Public Works and promote the professionalism of the public works industry.

Action Plan:

  • Promote the use of the Chapter website.
  • Continue to develop New England Chapter APWA Brand “Public Works Makes It Happen.”
  • Develop and promote branding and awareness campaign, including bumper stickers and magnets and other promotional items.
  • Identify and utilize media outlets and mechanisms to deliver the Public Works Makes It Happen message.
  • Promote and utilize regular use of social media to expand awareness and attract feedback.
  • Provide guidelines for programs and/or promotions to local public works departments that promote public works in their communities.
  • Provide guidelines and support for the Fallen Comrades Program within the New England Chapter and Nationally.
  • Identify and advance other programs, promotions or initiatives to increase public works awareness at the local, state and national level and across all public/private sectors.

    Total Member : 23
  • Ms. Julie Piacentini
  • Ms. Jacqueline A. Connors
  • Mr. Richard F. Stinson, PWLF
  • Mr. Sean M. Ciancarelli
  • Ms. Aimee Couture
  • Mr. William P. Hadley
  • Mr. Michael J. Gantick, PE, PWLF
  • Mr. David J. Pinsonneault, CPWP-M
  • Mr. John G. Sanchez
  • Mr. Tom Collins
  • Ms. Lisa M. Schaeffler, PWM
  • Mr. Jeremy T. Marsette, PE
  • Mr. Richard J. Benevento
  • Mr. Richard P. Merson, PWLF
  • Ms. Roby G. Whitehouse
  • Mr. Gregory St Louis, Greg St. Louis
  • Mr. Daniel F. Nason, CPESC, CPSWQ
  • William Gordon Paille
  • Mr. Gerald S. Mee, Jr
  • Mr. Joseph Foti
  • Mr. William Paulitz
  • Mr. Francis J. Marinaccio, PE
  • Mr. Zachary Blodgett

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